At Orbit Communications, we offer an integrated PR, public affairs and community engagement service that’s totally focused on your organisation’s objectives.

Our team has over 40 years’ collective experience gained across the media, politics and government, as well as from the PR and public affairs industry itself.

How do our services benefit you?

You get noticed

We get your message, product or service across to the widest possible audience through fantastic media coverage.

You get more business

We enable your company/organisation to grab people’s attention, leading to more customers, clients or members.

You become more relevant

We conduct sustained media and stakeholder campaigns that give you, your product or organisation a higher profile and greater influence.

Your reputation strengthens

We enable you to build your reputation with key audiences, buying you goodwill and protecting your image in tough times.

You have more authority

We put you at the heart of the political process, so you can help shape policy, campaign against threats and capitalise on opportunities.

You achieve your objectives

From policymaking to planning applications, we help you communicate persuasively so that you reach your goals.

Public and Media Relations

Public and Media Relations

We’re adept at using the full range of media channels – including social and new media – to build confidence and trust in you, your company and your brand.

Our core PR services include:

Corporate communications

We project key news and information about your organisation through the print, broadcast and online media to make sure you’re part of the news agenda. With the media landscape constantly evolving, we use our excellent contacts and knowledge of how journalists tick to get you noticed, on your terms.


Whether you’re wanting to raise awareness, change attitudes or influence behaviour, it often takes a sustained effort to bring about meaningful results. We can put your issue on the news agenda to help achieve your aims.

Reputation management

Rolling news and social media can quickly shatter a carefully crafted public image. We use media channels judiciously to protect and enhance your reputation, so that you’re held in high regard and to put you firmly on the front foot when your reputation is at risk.

Crisis management

By putting in place a thorough and resilient crisis plan, we respond to unforeseen or extreme events to ensure stakeholders receive accurate, timely information through media channels or directly.

Business to Business (B2B) communications

We provide clear, concise and accurate communications between businesses – for example between a company and its supply chain partners – to build understanding and trust.

Public Affairs

Public Affairs

Public affairs is about ensuring your message is heard and acted upon in the corridors of power.

Engaging politicians effectively is about more than highlighting problems. It’s about proposing solutions as well. Developing a compelling case, forging alliances and speaking to the right people at the right time are all crucial to success.

Core public affairs services include:

Political advocacy

Using our in-depth knowledge of the Scottish, UK and European political systems, we enable our clients to communicate effectively with politicians in Holyrood, Westminster and Brussels. We equip you with the skills and information you need to put forward your case and influence the legislative process, through meetings with politicians and civil servants, committee hearings, briefings, policy publications and themed events.

Local Government

Often, it’s the decisions made at local level that have a big impact on our lives. We give you the tools to engage with local government constructively, to ease your company’s path through the planning process, ensure your organisation is top of the list for funding or that the significance of your investment in a local area is fully recognised.

Political monitoring and analysis

We provide regular bulletins and briefing papers to update you on political or legislative developments which could affect your business or sector, together with solutions to help you rise to any challenges or opportunities.

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

We specialise in community and stakeholder engagement. From wind farms to supermarkets, we have extensive experience of guiding applications successfully through the planning process. From launching new products or services to running grassroots campaigns, we can also put together targeted programmes to secure local engagement and public support.

We are currently working on community and stakeholder engagement projects across the length and breadth of Scotland and beyond.

Core community and stakeholder engagement services include:

Community/Stakeholder engagement

We enable you to communicate constructively and persuasively with key target audiences in a particular locality or group. Using media and direct communications channels, we help you to respond to criticism and galvanise potential supporters into action.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Giving back to the communities you work in doesn’t just make your company feel good about itself. It can make a real difference to people’s lives and deserves to be promoted. We help you adopt the most appropriate strategy for highlighting the good you’re doing and securing local recognition.

Events coordination

We can help you organise the planning and delivery of events, giving you a platform to communicate a message directly and act as a focus for engaging with your target audience.

Copywriting and design coordination

We have extensive experience in writing everything from newsletters to websites and acting as a single point of contact for a complete package, including coordination of design and production.

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