Public Affairs

Public Affairs

Public affairs is about ensuring your message is heard and acted upon in the corridors of power.

Engaging politicians effectively is about more than highlighting problems. It’s about proposing solutions as well. Developing a compelling case, forging alliances and speaking to the right people at the right time are all crucial to success.

Core public affairs services include:

Political advocacy

Using our in-depth knowledge of the Scottish, UK and European political systems, we enable our clients to communicate effectively with politicians in Holyrood, Westminster and Brussels. We equip you with the skills and information you need to put forward your case and influence the legislative process, through meetings with politicians and civil servants, committee hearings, briefings, policy publications and themed events.

Local Government

Often, it’s the decisions made at local level that have a big impact on our lives. We give you the tools to engage with local government constructively, to ease your company’s path through the planning process, ensure your organisation is top of the list for funding or that the significance of your investment in a local area is fully recognised.

Political monitoring and analysis

We provide regular bulletins and briefing papers to update you on political or legislative developments which could affect your business or sector, together with solutions to help you rise to any challenges or opportunities.

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